How to buy perfume in Hong Kong and other Chinese cities

Buyers beware: Many luxury brands are banned in China.This is why you’ll need to travel to Hong Kong, Macau and the mainland to find some of the best perfumes.The city where the most expensive luxury perfume is produced, Hong Kong , is known as the “Pearl of the East” due to its rich perfumes and […]

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How to Buy Philosophy Pheromones in Bitcoin

Gucci’s perfume and philosophy perfume have long been an essential component of its fashion collections, which often include handcrafted items, but it is now making its way into cryptocurrency.Gucci released a video showing off its new perfume in Bitcoin on Tuesday.In the video, Gucci demonstrates how to buy the perfume with a cryptocurrency wallet.You can […]

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Which is better for the hair?

FourFour Two’s cotton candy fragrance oil is a must-have for the modern woman who wants to stay in her comfort zone.It’s also incredibly versatile, able to be applied to virtually any hair type, as long as it’s a little thicker than normal.To help you choose, we’ve put together a guide to the most popular brands.

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How much does a jitterbug fragrance cost?

Ariana Cloud, Melanie Martinez and Jitterbug perfumes are available for purchase on Amazon, at $39.99 per bottle.Aria, the popular perfume line from French perfumer and designer Anja Niederhauser, is also available on Amazon for $14.99.Ariao, a fragrance made from a blend of three fragrances, is $24.99, a price cut of $8.99 from the previous year.The […]

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How Macys Womens Lacoste Pores Came to Be on MTV News

MAC Cosmetics, the luxury cosmetics company that has had a big influence on the fashion world, is launching a new fragrance called Macys Women’s Lacostee Pores on the website.The perfume will be available as a launch fragrance for Macys women fragrances and fragrains.The new fragrance is MAC Cosmes Women’s lacoste fragrance, MAC Cosme, the name […]

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How to wear a perfume for an evening

If you’ve ever wanted to wear an old, fragrant perfume, you’ve got some easy tips to get you started.Tiffany and her sister are making a perfume called “Sleeping Beauty” and it’s all about the scent, as the duo explain on their website.The fragrance is based on the old perfume recipes, but with a modern twist.If […]

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