Which perfume brands are guilty of selling fake perfume?

Gucci guilty of falsely claiming the scent of its Guilty perfume. The brand said the scent was produced by “a new company that is a partner of the brand.”The perfume sold at a New York store is a fragrance called Perfumes du Ciel.Gucci’s statement came after a lawsuit by the consumer watchdog group Fragrance Alliance of […]

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‘Fatal flaw’: Why ‘Fault’ could be fatal flaw in ‘Fargo’

As Fargo opens in theaters, here are 10 things we learned from the show’s opening weekend.1.The film will be released as a single.Fargo has been running at around $125 million a week, which is a very different pace from its predecessors.And the movie will come out as a one-time-only release, meaning that the movie won’t […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Stop At Just The Perfume Shop: Perfume Shops are a Bad Investment

If you’re thinking about buying perfume, you should look into buying the perfume shop itself, which can be an investment in its own right.It could be the most expensive thing in the world, or it could be a good investment.The same goes for perfume.The beauty of perfume is that you can go into a boutique, […]

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Why do we love cotton candy?

The most common reason we love Cotton Candy is its smell, said David DeAngelo, professor of sociology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.“Cotton candy is a symbol of sweetness, of freshness and of a beautiful lightness,” he said.Canned Cotton Candy, a popular product made by a company called Cotton Candy Company in Michigan, is […]

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What you need to know about the Gucci bamboo fragrance Sampler Set

The Gucci luxury fragrance collection is being unveiled today.And, according to its label, it contains bamboo and citrus oils, with floral, woody and amber notes.It is also known for its scent quality.The fragrance is described as a blend of two of Gucci’s most popular fragrances: the Guiches Bamboo and Gucci Floral.Gucci and Bamboo The Guichens […]

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