Why I Love Dior (And My New Favorite)

The newest fragrance from Dior is a hit, and I love it so much I can’t wait to try the rest.Avon is known for a lot of things, including its high-end fragrances and its collaborations with luxury brands.Dior, though, is known mostly for its highbrow fragrance line.So, when I heard the company was launching a […]

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How to Get Rid of a Carpet Detergent That’s Not Permanently Stainy

How to get rid of an old carpet detergent that’s still stainy.The best way to get out of that sticky mess.Read More>>A new fragrance called Cocoa is an ode to the scent of the late, great French perfume magnate, Jean Paul Gaultier.It smells like a beautiful sunset over a beautiful bay, and is the result […]

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How Macys Womens Lacoste Pores Came to Be on MTV News

MAC Cosmetics, the luxury cosmetics company that has had a big influence on the fashion world, is launching a new fragrance called Macys Women’s Lacostee Pores on the website.The perfume will be available as a launch fragrance for Macys women fragrances and fragrains.The new fragrance is MAC Cosmes Women’s lacoste fragrance, MAC Cosme, the name […]

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Watch Davidoff’s ‘Perfume’ for the Perfume Bar: ‘Diary of a Madman’

Watch Davidoffs Perfumes on the PerFume Bar.The perfumes are made in small batches, with the goal of keeping them at the lower temperature and more consistent, says Davidoff.In order to achieve this, Davidoff has sourced a wide range of botanical extracts and natural ingredients from around the world, which is then blended into a single […]

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Why are we not wearing our black men’s perfumes anymore?

There are many reasons why men have become so drawn to the black fragrances.While the fragrance has been popular for centuries, many women have found it more appealing to wear them in the modern era, where women have more access to feminine hygiene products and the use of fragrance-free cosmetics is increasingly commonplace.Black men have […]

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