When You Shouldn’t Buy Chanel Pink or Jitterbug for Christmas

Buyers beware: Chanel pink or jitterbug may not be the best choice for Christmas.The pink hue, which is usually associated with the fashion trend of pink, was once popular for its vibrant color and intense smell.But over the years, the scent has turned into something more associated with Christmas shopping, especially in the U.S., where […]

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How much does a jitterbug fragrance cost?

Ariana Cloud, Melanie Martinez and Jitterbug perfumes are available for purchase on Amazon, at $39.99 per bottle.Aria, the popular perfume line from French perfumer and designer Anja Niederhauser, is also available on Amazon for $14.99.Ariao, a fragrance made from a blend of three fragrances, is $24.99, a price cut of $8.99 from the previous year.The […]

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Sephora Sampler: Samples of Sephoria Fragrance and Fragrance Essentials

The first time I smelled a perfume I was enthralled, I was amazed by its unique scent, it had the right amount of depth and complexity, and it was fragrant enough to take home.The scent I got that year was not a fragrance I’d ever smelled before, but I was not surprised to find it […]

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How to get rid of glue-y smell in your makeup: Here’s what you need to know

The fragrance companies are going after all the different areas of your body, and their products are designed to deliver a variety of effects.The most commonly used is the scent of a perfume’s base, a scent that can include notes of vanilla, sandalwood, leather and leathery notes.The fragrance industry has been working to improve their […]

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Which perfume brands are you most likely to fall in love with?

A new perfume brand that claims to give you “jitterbug scent” could change the way you think about perfume, at least according to a new survey.A new fragrance brand called Jitterbug claims to help you feel “jittered” while wearing perfumes.It has been suggested that this new fragrance could help people feel less “jumped” by perfumes, […]

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