How to perfume your body

I’m obsessed with perfumes, and even when I don’t have any perfume to use, I’m always searching for a new way to wear it.I love the scent and texture of rosewater, vanilla, musk, lavender, blackberry, patchouli and musk.My favorites are my Burberry perfume for women and the perfumery I’ve been using to enhance my makeup […]

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Burberry’s Best Sleeping Beauty Lipstick (review)

article The first of the new Burberry Beauty Lipsticks, the Beauty Beauty Lip Gloss is a very lovely lipstick.It has a nice rich plumy-pink color, but also has a subtle warm pink undertones that compliment each other.This is a great matte lipstick that will not be too pigmented for those who prefer a deeper pink […]

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What’s the Best Bon Bon in the World? It’s Probably Bon Bon

Bon Bon is the ultimate bon bon, and it’s been making a name for itself as a luxury brand since the 1990s.But it’s the one perfume that has never really gained a foothold in the U.S., and that’s because the brand hasn’t had much exposure outside of Japan.That has changed this year, though, as Bon […]

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How to find the best perfume from Dior, Coach Dreams and more in the app of the year

Dior and Coach dreams have a history dating back to 1894.Today, they are widely used by fashionistas and women who love fragrance and a little bit of whimsy.We are lucky enough to have the opportunity to review their latest offerings.The Dior perfumes are rich in vanilla, patchouli, musk, and white musk.Dior perfumer Yves-Alexandre Cunard and […]

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Why are we not wearing our black men’s perfumes anymore?

There are many reasons why men have become so drawn to the black fragrances.While the fragrance has been popular for centuries, many women have found it more appealing to wear them in the modern era, where women have more access to feminine hygiene products and the use of fragrance-free cosmetics is increasingly commonplace.Black men have […]

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