‘My Best Friend Is A Monster’: Angel Mugler, My Best Friend is a Monster

Angel Muglin, the French fashion designer, has released a perfume called My Best Friends is a Magician.In the video, Mugler uses her trademark, hand-held wand, to open up her personal makeup bag and find a magical concoction.The product is described as “a perfume with the perfect combination of scent and color that is truly magical.”She […]

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Love spell perfume box review: A ‘love potion’ for perfume lovers

Love spell fragrance box is the best perfumes for perfumers, but is there really any better gift than a bottle?We love it because it combines the best of both worlds: it’s a box full of high quality fragrance and a box of high end perfume.The scent of a man in a white coat who’s just […]

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Ellen Tracy perfume subscription: $1.49 a month for the first 6 months

Salon has just posted a free subscription for Ellen Tracy, who wrote for Salon in the late 1970s. The subscription comes as Salon struggles with a subscription surge that is causing the site to struggle with traffic. It’s also the first time we’ve seen Tracy’s perfume on the site since she launched her eponymous perfume line in […]

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Which perfume brands are guilty of selling fake perfume?

Gucci guilty of falsely claiming the scent of its Guilty perfume. The brand said the scent was produced by “a new company that is a partner of the brand.”The perfume sold at a New York store is a fragrance called Perfumes du Ciel.Gucci’s statement came after a lawsuit by the consumer watchdog group Fragrance Alliance of […]

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‘Bachelorette’ season finale airs on ABC News and Univision, with ‘Pour Homemade’ trailer on Sunday

“You can’t go to the grocery store with a fake nose.You can’t wear fake mascara.You just can’t.I know this for a fact,” he told the audience.“And I don’t mean that to sound judgmental.You’re all going to make mistakes.You are going to have to learn from those mistakes.”The audience erupted in applause.“If you don’t have a […]

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