‘Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them’ review: How does the film translate to the screen?

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the director Jim Mcclain confirmed that the film’s new title Fantastic Beasts And Their Forbidden Ancient Beasts was inspired by the story of the Wizard of Oz.“That was the inspiration,” he said.“There’s a lot of stories about how Oz came to be, how the wizarding world was created, and […]

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Why the world needs Christian Dior perfume: I love it because it’s so cheap, but it doesn’t smell like a Christian

There’s a lot of good stuff in the world of perfume, but sometimes you just want something that doesn’t really smell good.You know, you’re like, I don’t want to smell like that, it smells awful, and then you go and buy some of it.So Christian Diolos aren’t always the best choice.That’s where Gucci bamboo is […]

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5 reasons why Avon is the best perfume brand in the world

1.The quality Avon perfumes are so rich in scent and taste.2.The packaging is stunning and it’s made in the USA.3.They offer so many products to choose from.4.The customer service is great.5.Their perfume line is amazing.5 reasons to love Avon. 1.Avon perfume is rich in flavor and aroma.The smell of Avon’s perfumes is like no other.There are […]

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French designer Burberry Paris perfume and perfume samples

Paris Hilton perfume has been made available on the official Burberry website, along with a list of the brand’s fragrances. The perfume samples are available to purchase, but it seems that the perfume samples will only be available in Paris for now. Burberry Paris will also be available at select luxury boutiques in the US, Europe and […]

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Which perfume brands do you think are more expensive?

Wargames are a very popular hobby and this year there are a number of games available for players to play.Some of the most popular are the massively multiplayer online battle games Battlefield 4 and World of Tanks.The popular FPS, Battlefront, recently launched a free expansion and some other popular games include Star Wars: Battlefront II, […]

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