This girl has a really sweet side to her profile pic, so why is her picture missing?

A woman has had her photo taken and removed from a company website after it was deemed too offensive.

Jennifer Boucheron’s picture was removed from the “Beauty of Beauty” page on the beauty brand’s website after being labelled “disgusting”.

In her post on the site, the woman explained her motivation behind the photo taken in April last year.

“My friend told me that I had a good face,” she wrote.

“I think it is a shame that the world can’t see how beautiful I am.”

“When we got the news, we thought it was just a silly joke, but when we looked closer we found out it was really serious,” she continued.

“It was very upsetting to see the picture. 

The post went viral, with thousands of comments.”

I am so happy that my picture is not being used on this site anymore.

The image that is being used for marketing purposes has no place in this beautiful world.

“Jennifer Boucherot said that while she was disappointed by the decision, she hoped it would change in the future.”

It is a mistake to remove an image without any context, but I also feel sad that it has happened in the first place,” she said.

The beauty brand has since removed the photo, but the woman’s post has gone viral.

In a statement to Business Insider, Beauty of Beauty said: “We are always aware of the needs of our customers and take every precaution when sharing photos and videos of ourselves.

We would never delete content from the Beauty of the Spot and appreciate the public feedback that we have received over the past few days.””

We apologise if this has caused any offence to our customers, we take this very seriously.””

In the past, we have removed inappropriate content from our site and the Beauty Spot.

In this case, we are working hard to make sure that we don’t make any further mistakes in the long run.

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