‘Por Favor’: ‘Chanel’s Madame Guerlain’ perfumes a hit at Cannes

Chanel’s latest perfume, Madame Guerilla, is the first of its kind at Cannes, and its popularity has been incredible.

The scent is one of those perfumes that can be said to have no age rating and that you can smell in just a few seconds.

The fragrance has been voted the third most anticipated perfume in Cannes and has already been praised by many.

Here are some of the best things you can buy with this perfume.

Chanel Madame Guerillal (Narciso Rodriguez) The scent is not so much an homage to Chanel as it is a tribute to Guerlain’s famed Perfume de Guerlain, which was created in 1952 and is now owned by the family of Louis Vuitton.

This fragrance has a delicate, woody and floral bouquet that can easily be mistaken for the fragrance of a wood-fired oven.

The bouquet is rich, rich, but the smell of the fragrance itself is a bit off, as if someone is taking out a toner.

It has a strong, woodsy, fruity smell, reminiscent of wood smoke.

It has a slight smoky scent to it, but this is very minor.

This scent has a very clean, masculine, and feminine scent, which is very feminine in itself, and this perfume is perfect for men, too.

It’s a masculine scent, but it’s also very feminine.

This perfume has a deep, masculine and floral scent.

It is a perfect blend for men and women, because it has a masculine and masculine scent that can blend in with each other.

I think that it is really quite beautiful.

It reminds me of the old times of the days of Chanel and Guerlain.

I really love it, because there is such a difference in the quality of the perfume and the packaging.

I really love the fragrance.

The aroma is very masculine, but there is a feminine, soft, feminine scent in the bottle.

The perfume is also very pretty, and it is very wearable.

It doesn’t have any harshness, which makes it great for those of us who wear it in the shower.

Chanel Madame Céline de Guerlaine (Natalie Cerrone)The scent of this fragrance is quite different from the others.

This is a fragrance for the feminine.

It really is a very masculine scent.

There is a strong floral scent that lingers on the skin.

This has a great fragrance for women, especially when the scent is combined with other fragrances that have a masculine smell.

I have to say that this fragrance does not have a lot of sillage.

It does have a very strong scent, and I love that.

Chanels Madame Guerrelle (Nadia Bambino)The fragrance of this scent is very sexy.

It smells very masculine.

The strength of the scent comes from the floral note, which gives the fragrance a feminine scent.

The floral scent is really sexy, and the fragrance is very powerful.

Chanelle Madame Guerriere (Nina Tse)This is a classic masculine scent for men.

The masculine scent is there, but with a hint of a feminine smell.

It also has a nice scent that is quite unique, which has a feminine feel to it.

This perfume has great scent for women.

I love this fragrance.

Chanellers Madame de L’Ouest (Nancy Cartwright)This fragrance is masculine and feminine.

There’s a strong masculine scent to this fragrance, and that’s why this fragrance was a hit with me.

It works for men too, and women really love this scent.

Chaneller Mio (Nicolae Mouton)This scent is quite feminine.

The intensity of the masculine scent comes out through the feminine notes.

The feminine notes are more prominent in this fragrance than in any of the others, and you can really feel them when you sniff it.

Chanler Mio is not a feminine fragrance.

The masculine scent of the Mio fragrance is a little bit on the masculine side, but that’s not to say it’s not masculine.

I would say that it’s a very feminine fragrance, with a very subtle masculine smell, which you can feel.

Chanelling Mio by Chanel (Chantal Caudron)The Mio scent is masculine, feminine, and floral.

The smell of this perfume has strong, feminine notes, and there’s a floral scent in there as well.

It makes you feel sexy and sexy sexy, so it’s really great for women and for men alike.

Chanle Mio de la Belle (Emmanuelle Filippini)The most prominent masculine scent in this perfume comes from a floral, masculine note.

This floral is on the base of the bottle and has a beautiful smell.

The bottle has a lot more of a floral smell than

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