Which perfume is best?

The perfume world has been divided into those who love perfume and those who hate it, with one man in particular having a different take on the matter.

Janné Aitken says her favourite perfume is the Pink and White blend, which she says is a “feminine and sensual” perfume.

“It is not an offensive fragrance to the opposite sex, but it is not for everyone.

I think it is important that we use our natural beauty as a guide to make us happy,” she told BBC News.

“My preference is Pink and white.

The fragrance is very sensual, very beautiful.”

But Ms Aitkeren’s tastes are not the only ones that differ from that of many perfume lovers.

According to some experts, there are four main categories of perfume: vanilla, musk, rose and tobacco.

The vanilla fragrance is a natural, floral scent which is thought to have been invented by a German chemist.

It was used in Victorian times to make candles and was often described as a “scent of nature”.

Musk is said to have originated in Italy in the 19th century, although the first known use of it is in the 1819 book The Story of the Rose, a book about the life of the Florentine noblewoman Maria Piazzi.

Rose is believed to have come from the Italian rose, which means “rose” in Italian.

It is a sweet, fruity, floral fragrance that is often paired with rose petals, a fragrant plant found in gardens.

Tobacco is traditionally used in perfumes to add spice, but is more commonly used in traditional perfumes for tobacco-infused scented candles.

However, a 2014 survey conducted by the Australian Centre for Perfumes and Fragrances (ACPFS) found that the vast majority of the women in the perfume community would describe themselves as “tobacco” lovers.

While the majority of women who said they were “toads” and “cobblers” said they used tobacco in their perfumes, the most common descriptor was “toy” or “garden”.

“I’m not a tobacco fan but I don’t dislike tobacco, I just don’t like the smell,” one perfume lover said.

Another perfume enthusiast, who is a student at the University of Queensland, said: “I have a soft spot for vanilla but I also like the rose.

It’s a feminine and sensually elegant fragrance.”

Another perfume lover told BBC Trending: “My personal favourite is the Red Velvet.

It smells like you’re being made to smell like a red velvet, and I love that scent.”

Some women prefer to wear perfumes with a “vanilla-ness” which means they smell a lot like vanilla bean or vanilla cream, while others prefer “muskiness” or an “amour bouche” to the Vanilla fragrance.

“I like the vanilla-ness and the vanilla, but I like the muskiness,” another perfume lover explained.

But, one woman who uses a “bouche” fragrance said she does not want to wear a perfume with a vanilla-type fragrance. 

“I think perfume should have a natural scent,” she said.

“When it’s perfume, it should smell like the scent you’re wearing.”

A woman who does not use perfume is usually the one who chooses the fragrance for herself, according to the ACPFS.

“People should wear a fragrance that’s a natural one, but not a perfume that’s an imitation,” the organisation’s spokesperson, Sarah McQuillan, said. 

Some women say they would prefer to see a “tootle” fragrance, while some women who are allergic to rose have said they prefer a “smooth” fragrance.

A number of perfume experts have said there is nothing wrong with using perfume without using a scent that is not natural.

The International Fragrance Association (IFA), an industry association for the perfume industry, said that perfume is an “industry in its own right”.

“The fragrances we use today have been created to be able to make perfume more attractive to women,” a spokesperson said.

“There are no chemicals that we’re using that are harmful to people.

Our use of natural and organic ingredients is to create a product that is more pleasant to smell, and to create products that are more enjoyable to wear.” 

A spokesperson for the American Society of Flavor Chemists said that it was important to be sensitive to fragrance.

The IFA said that its research suggested that fragrance should not be used in products that contain perfume containing ingredients that are known to be harmful to humans.

The IFA also said that fragrance is not “a substitute for natural ingredients” and that it would not recommend the use of perfume for cosmetics. 

The IFA said that people should be able choose the fragrance they want to use, but that people who did not use natural ingredients in their perfume should still be able “to enjoy the

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