When the sun shines, the sea is pink, says actress Emma Watson

The British actress and singer has long been known for her natural looks, which include pink lipstick, a pink perfume, a perfume that is pink on the lips, and pink on her feet.

Now, she is being asked to join forces with her pal, the French fashion designer Caroline Guerrill, in creating a pink-inspired perfume for Guerril’s next collection, which will be launched at the Paris Fashion Week show in June. 

 Emma Watson has been wearing pink for a while, but now she wants to be a part of this new fragrance…source Getty Images 1 of 20  Emmy Award nominee Emma Watson attends the premiere of ‘I’m Not Ready’ in New York, June 18, 2017. 

Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images 2 of 20   The designer Caroline Guerrill. 

Laurence Griffiths/Getty 3 of 20 Emma Watson wears pink lipstick for a photo shoot in New Orleans in 2018. 

Lucas Jackson/Reuters 4 of 20 Emmerichs Pink Lipstick for Men Sylvia DeMarche/Getty 5 of 20 A man walks past a portrait of Caroline Guerill and Emma Watson at a premiere of “I’m not Ready” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New New York in 2018 Marvin Joseph/Reuters 6 of 20 Caroline Gueriill, center, is photographed in London, Britain, in 2016. 

Giorgio Piola/Getty 7 of 20 Emmerich Pink Lips Gianfranco Rosso/Getty 8 of 20 Guerrilla Pink Lips Guernica/Getty 9 of 20 Amy Adams poses with Emmerick Guerrilli at the 2017 Oscars. 

Liz Halsey/Getty 10 of 20 Lily Tomlin Lily Tomlin poses with actress Emma Smith at the New York premiere of her movie, “A Beautiful Mind” in 2019. 

James MacPherson/Getty 11 of 20 Lisa Kudrow Lionel Messi poses with Emma Watson for a picture at the Dolce & Lavender ballroom in New Jersey in 2018 Getty Images 12 of 20 ‘I am Not Ready,’ the new fragrance from Caroline Guermill, arrives in Paris on June 17, 2018 Jacques Brinon/Getty 13 of 20 Singer-songwriter Lily Tomlinson performs with Emma in Paris in 2017.

Getty 14 of 20 Tom Swift sings with Emma during her “I Am Not Ready” performance in 2018 in Paris, France. 

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters 15 of 20 Lace up your heels, Em!

Emma Watson! 

Emily Watson has a big new fragrance coming out.

She’s officially joining the #PinkLips crew.

I’m So Ready!

The #PinkPlastic team has a new Pink Lipstick.

And Emma Watson has a pink lipstick too!

This is an incredible time for #PinkPLastics, and I’m so proud to be part of it.

Let’s make it a reality.

I know we’ve got so much work to do, and we’ve been working hard all week.

I’ve got loads of time and I’ve always loved the Pink Lipsticks.

I think you can feel the Pinkness.

They’re so soft, they smell like the pinkest pinkest thing.

And they make your lips look so soft and so soft.

And I love the way the pink lips feel on your cheeks.

I love that the pink color makes your lips feel so soft to your skin.

And that the lips are so soft when you wear them.

Emma Watson.

The Pink Lip, which is a shade of pink, has become one of my favorites.

I get all my makeup done in a pink shade of lipstick, so I was super excited to be able to join the Pink Plastics team and create a Pink Lip.

We were talking about creating the perfect Pink Lip because pink is so amazing.

And when we started talking about this pink Lip, it felt so right.

I feel like the perfect color for Em!

I feel so excited to work with Caroline and to share my love for this pink shade and this pink lipstick.

I really like this shade.

I like the way it feels on my lips.

It’s so soft with the lips and when you put it on your lips, it feels like you’re wearing pink lips.

I have this Pink Lip that I’ve been wearing all week, and it’s been working so well.

And it’s super pigmented, so it looks super silky.

It makes your makeup feel really soft.

You can feel your lips on the outside and on the inside and your lips are pink.

And if you put your lips in the shade of this Pink, it just feels like the best shade for you.

I got to wear this Pink lip today

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