Nordstrom perfumes and mugs

Nordstrom is rolling out a range of new fragrances for women this month. 

Among the new perfumes are the original Mugs and the new Alien Mugler. 

You can order the Alien Muglers online from Nordstrom, or you can buy them in stores. 

If you don’t already own the mugler, you can get it in the new Black Beauty line of fragrance. 

The mugler is a light, floral, minty, malty and earthy fragrance that smells good, smells good and smells good. 

It’s also a scent you’ll want to wear as a mask on the job. 

Nordstrom says the Alien Mugs are available in five colors. 

Here’s the list of Mugs: Mugs with an antique twist (Mugs featuring a vintage feel) Mugler (with a vintage look) Nostalgia (mint, leather, citrus, and musk) Paintings (smoky wood, mossy woods, wood-like and woody notes) Alien Mugler (minty, mint, and a hint of vanilla) Blossom Mugs (mossy, floral and citrus notes)You can also order the Mugs in your favourite color (black, pink, white or blue) from the Nordstrom website. 

Each mug comes in a tube that measures 10mm by 5mm. 

I’ve already tried the Alien mugler and loved it. 

And it’s a very good mug for the price. 

All the Muffs smell great, too. 

But I’d love to try the Alien ones. 

(I’m also a big fan of the Mugler.

If I can get my hands on the muglers, I’ll definitely order them.) 

(And I think you’ll love the Mugeler too.

I’ve already ordered a couple of these and I can’t wait to try them all.) 

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