Which perfume brands do you think are most like Nina Ricci?

When the fragrance industry is at its best, there’s always a good mix of the latest, most interesting, and best-selling fragrances on the market.

And that’s exactly what’s happening with Nina Ricce’s perfume collection, which has already sold out at many major retailers, including Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, and Calvin Klein/Vest.

But Ricci’s perfume brand, which includes her perfume line, is perhaps most synonymous with her beloved menswear line.

So what’s the most likeable fragrance in the fragrance world? 

Let’s dive into the top five most like-minded fragrance brands.1.

Bordeaux Aveda This brand is so similar to its namesake fragrance, it’s hard to tell the difference between the two.

The Bordeaus are one of the most iconic fragrants of all time, and the Avedas are an absolute must-have for any woman with a penchant for the brand’s signature scent, Avedad.

The Avedades blend of lavender, cedarwood, black amber, patchouli, patch, and orange blossoms are said to have a soothing quality to them. 

When it comes to fragrancing, Aventus is the best, with a mix of notes that are just as good as any other Avedo or Avedicos, with the added bonus of being a bit lighter.


Guerlain Mascarpone A few years ago, Guerlain was considered one of France’s best perfumers, and one of its biggest stars was its namesake Mascapone, which is a rich, mocha, orange-y scent that’s very similar to Guerlain’s signature, Oud Bruin. 

Mascarpones are always popular in France because they can be light and fragrant, but the Aves are the most well-rounded of all.

They are a mix between Mascaro and Avedos, a mix that’s perfect for a woman who is looking for something light, floral, and fruity.3.

Orly The Orly perfume is a scent that has become synonymous with the French-Italian-Swiss-Belgian-Italian fusion scene, but Orly has been one of fragrance’s most popular brands ever since it was founded by a group of French-American women.

The Orly brand was inspired by the Italian countryside, and it’s often referred to as the “Cafe Nord,” which translates to “the new home of the Orly.”

The Orlys fragrance has a combination of orange, amber, and vanilla, but it’s the vanilla that’s particularly appealing.

The scent is very feminine and feminine-fantasyy, and blends beautifully with a beautiful lavender note. 


L’Orleur L’Orléur has been in the market for decades, but many fragrance lovers are now familiar with the brand, thanks to its classic fragrance L’Eau des Orles, which was created in the mid-20th century.

Léo is a soft, floral scent, but its best-known scent is L’Auberge de l’Orleans, which translates into “lover’s perfume.”

This is a very light and fruy fragrance that pairs wonderfully with a floral note that complements the luscious scent of lusconia, which can also be found in the liqueur and fruit of limes. 


Yves Saint Laurent If there was one fragrance that set the stage for many women’s fragrance adventures, it would have to be Yves. 

It’s easy to see why, as Yves is one of fashion’s most iconic perfumers.

The Yves fragrance is the only perfume that has been around since 1892, and this is a classic fragrance that’s used in the Parisian fashion industry, where Yves still makes her mark.

Yve has a masculine fragrance, but you can also find feminine, sensual, and sweet notes throughout the Yves lineup. 

All of this is why Yves continues to be the go-to scent for women who are looking for a feminine fragrance that is perfect for the spring and summer months. 

Check out the other top fragrains in the perfume world here! 

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