Why perfumes have the potential to make men feel sexy again

The scent of a woman is a powerful aphrodisiac, but many men are turning to perfume for its own sexual appeal.

A survey by The Telegraph found that a majority of men (54 per cent) said they would use a perfumed male to satisfy their sexual desires.

“The scent of the woman is such an important part of the sexual experience, so I would love to be able to give my partners the same experience,” said one 23-year-old man.

He was the first in the survey to identify himself as bisexual, but he said that his preference for women and sex with men was influenced by other factors.

“I can’t imagine that I’d find that appealing if I was a straight man,” he said.

“It would be very frustrating if I didn’t enjoy sex with a partner of my own gender.”

Another study, by researchers at the University of Exeter, also found that men prefer women who smell good.

“We found that women who rated their smell as high as men rated their sexual attractiveness more positively than those who rated them as low as men,” said the study’s lead author Dr John Aiken.

“However, men were less likely to find women who they liked to smell good attractive than women who were rated as low.”

So, what’s the bottom line?

Is it worth it?

It depends.

But there are other benefits to being attracted to someone else’s scent.

For example, a recent study found that people with an interest in perfumes said they felt more satisfied and fulfilled in their relationships than those without such a preference.

“When a woman has a scent, the man has a feeling of being loved and wanted and connected,” Dr Aiken said.

For men, it’s not just about sex but about chemistry as well.

“Women are attracted to scent, and men are attracted more to the smell of women than of men,” Dr Anke said.

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