Beauty and the Beast 2: The Return of Beauty and The Beast, Part 1

The Beauty and in the Beast sequel to the Disney animated film will finally hit theaters this month, but it’s still not entirely clear exactly what kind of movie will be released.

In the meantime, there are plenty of rumors floating around.

Now, it looks like there are some details about the film that we can share.

First of all, we have the movie’s title.

The original title of Beauty And The Beast 2 was Beauty And the Beast: The First Book.

However, the original title was not what fans had hoped for.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the film’s title was changed to Beauty And THE Beast 2 to avoid confusion.

We now know what the movie will end up being called, but the first book’s title remains.

In the movie, there will be a new story.

According the source, the new story is more of a standalone story than the first movie.

“The new story, which is in some ways a continuation of the original story, is one that you will find in the sequel to Beauty and Beast 2,” said the source.

The new movie will also feature a new cast of characters.

The source said, “This time around, there’s a new character that’s going to play a pivotal role in the story.”

One of the new characters is a boy named Mavis who will help Belle and the rest of the characters fight off an evil sorceress.

The sources added that the boy will also be playing a pivotal part in the second movie.

The first book also had a cast of new characters.

According a report by The Hollywood Reporter , the first volume will feature a “major twist.”

The source also confirmed that the second book will have a “new twist.”

This time around though, the twist is not a major one, but rather a small one that will make it all the more interesting.

“You will be confronted with a new twist to the story that you’ve never seen before,” said The Hollywood Report.

“And the twist will be quite unexpected.”

Beauty and the Bitch’s director, Jennifer Lee, is also back in the directing chair for the sequel.

The studio also announced that the cast of the first film will be returning, and the source said that the film will not feature any of the main cast.

“No more of the boys, and no more of her.

The movie will just be about Belle and her friends,” the source added.

Beauty And The Bitch: Volume One was directed by Jennifer Lee.

Beauty And: Volume Two will be directed by Anna Boden.

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