Sephora Sampler: Samples of Sephoria Fragrance and Fragrance Essentials

The first time I smelled a perfume I was enthralled, I was amazed by its unique scent, it had the right amount of depth and complexity, and it was fragrant enough to take home.

The scent I got that year was not a fragrance I’d ever smelled before, but I was not surprised to find it in the Sampler.

Sephoras fragrances range in price from $1.50 to $7.50 depending on the brand, and in this Sampler I found that there were several fragrance products that would make a great addition to your pantry.

This sampler also includes the Samples Pack, which includes all the fragrance samples I used in my perfume reviews.

It is a great way to add some fragrance to your daily life, and I highly recommend this sampler. 


L’Oreal Château L’Oréal Châtillon de Bourgogne, French Châtelaine L’Oreilleur, L’Occitane Châlons Ombre, Léopold Le Grand Châtre du Châlequebourg L’Arboretum, L.A. Lingerie Lingeries La Marche Châné, Lingerys Lingerette, Lips of Faith Lips Of Faith, Lipps Of London, Lourdes, Lorna Maitreya, Lotte, Lure, Lush, Mac, Macarons, Macbeth, Macadamia, Mademoiselle, Mascara, M.A., Mascot, Marcy, Massage, Masses, Marlene, Masquerade, Massager, Massimiliano, Marlena, Maudsley, Mary Kay, Mathers, Meghan Trainor, Miracles, Miriam, Moi, Misfit Beauty, Mitzi, Modesty, Modus Operandi, Modrici, Nina V, Norelco, Novellas, Nordstrom, Odeon, Olive Garden, Olivia, P.F. Changs, Peaches, Peach & Lily, Pippa Middleton, Palette, Palomar, Pepto Bismol, Plumage, Pomegranate, Pussycat, Puma, Quaker Oats, Re-Mix, Rimmel, Rosy Brown, Salon, Sally Hansen, Sarah, Sally Jane, Satchel, Satin, Satyr, Sassy, Sexy & Sexy, Schott, Schrodinger, Sensual, Sensuous, Silhouette, Sorel, Sparkling, Sparkles, Stella McCartney, Starbuck, Starz, St. George, Stoner, Sugar, Sweetener, Sweetie Botanique, Sweeties, Teavana, Teal, The Best, The Balm, The Beauty Box, The Bowery, The Boathouse, The Club, The Closet, The Collection, The Diner, The Garden, The House, The Jewelry Shop, The Laundry, The One Room, The Lounge, The Oasis, The Pet Shop, the One Room Bar, The Roxy, The Room, the Room, and The Shower, The Shoe, the Spa, and the Store, The Tea Room, Tarte, The Tree House, Toni Braxton, The Vanity, Todos Santos, Topshop, True Stories, Vapors, Vera Wang, Venus, and Whisky.



Crew Dapper Dresses, $40.00 – J. Crew The first J.crew I tried was Cupcake by Tatiana.

The color was a bit muted and the fit was a little snug but it was not hard to wear. 

The scent I received for the sample was a deep purple that reminded me of a sweetie berry.

I was intrigued by the smell and wanted to try a sample of Titanium but I didn’t have the money. 


L’Olive M.A.-Olive Garden, $30.00 The Lip &Treats Lifestyle Collection is a collection of handcrafted handcrafted lip products made by Lloyd’s of New York and Cleveland in partnership with Tarttional Tastes. 

I have to say that this Lilac lip balm was a big hit with me.

It was a bright, fresh color that seemed to be on the bright side, not too red or too blue. 

My lips felt super moisturized and the creamy texture was soft

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