When it comes to white shoulders, what else does Gucci have in store for us?

The iconic brand has a long history of making products that are a reflection of our personal style, but it also has the power to inspire.

When you consider that Gucci has made a habit of releasing fashion-inspired items, it makes sense that it would go into more detail about what exactly it has to offer in the future.

For example, Gucci’s recent range of white collar jackets, which debuted in September, feature a subtle white lace on the front and a contrasting colour for the sleeves.

This makes them a reflection on the wearer’s natural colour palette and, as Gucci notes on their website, it also shows “the importance of wearing the right coloured shoes for work”.

Other examples of white coats include a black and white striped version of the iconic white jacket from Gucci and an all-black version of its iconic grey coat.

Gucci says the jackets “are the perfect addition to any look that is white”, and the line “is an example of how you can keep your style with the same colours and patterns as you go out and have fun with it”.

This particular line of white jackets is available in a range of colour options, ranging from “black, brown and white”, to a range that is “satin grey, navy and grey”, and also “black and white”.

The Gucci website also says that the white jackets “give you a sense of individuality”, which makes them “the perfect fit for anyone who has a natural sense of style”.

“It is easy to take for granted that you will always be able to find a white jacket that fits you perfectly.

But when you combine the right colours, the right fit and the right materials, you can become one of the best looking people you know,” the company said.

In addition to the white coats, the Gucci range of suits has a range called “Black and White”, which is a “classic” black and grey style that is currently available in two different colourways. 

For more Gucci, check out the gallery above.

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