Why the world needs Christian Dior perfume: I love it because it’s so cheap, but it doesn’t smell like a Christian

There’s a lot of good stuff in the world of perfume, but sometimes you just want something that doesn’t really smell good.

You know, you’re like, I don’t want to smell like that, it smells awful, and then you go and buy some of it.

So Christian Diolos aren’t always the best choice.

That’s where Gucci bamboo is coming in.

In its first batch, the brand introduced a fragrance that reminded us of the perfume shop we used to go to as kids.

Its name translates as “bamboo” and is meant to evoke the scent of the bamboo forest. 

Its scent is a blend of sweet and fruity notes, but there’s a hint of a bit of sweetness that’s a perfect balance for this fragrance. 

“We wanted to create something a little more wearable, a little lighter and a little warmer,” explains Dior founder, Christian Doria.

The fragrance is described as “a natural, herbal scent that has a tropical-like sensuality.”

It comes in a five-hour long bottle, which is priced at $39.99. 

For this fragrance, Dior wanted to take the bamboo theme and use it to great effect.

“We wanted this fragrance to be wearable, and it also had this tropical vibe,” Doria explains.

So they decided to use bamboo as the basis for the bamboo fragrance.

The bamboo fragrance smells exactly like bamboo.

It has a sweet, tropical note, and a bit more of a bamboo flavor to it than a traditional Dior fragrance.

It smells exactly as you’d expect a traditional bamboo perfume to smell. 

The bamboo fragrance has a nice tropical note.

It’s sweet, it has a bit to it, and is very much reminiscent of a traditional Chinese bamboo fragrance that is popular in Hong Kong. 

Gucci’s bamboo fragrance is a natural, herb-based scent.

But Dior was inspired by the natural bamboo fragrance Gucci used to stock at the time, so they wanted to make something a bit less traditional for the fragrance store. 

I can smell the bamboo scent in the fragrance.

Gucci is a luxury brand.

The idea behind this bamboo fragrance was to take a traditional luxury brand and create a fragrance in its natural, natural scent that would evoke that feeling of naturalness.

And in the process, it’s also inspired by Gucci’s traditional bamboo fragrance and the naturalness of the product. 

This bamboo fragrance can be used on everything, not just skin.

The perfume’s only fragrance ingredient is bamboo, which was created in China for a specific purpose: to make the perfume smell like the bamboo wood used for its packaging. 

Dior said it made the fragrance because Gucci needed to make an affordable, natural fragrance.

This is a brand that’s known for luxury products, and the bamboo bamboo scent makes for a natural-looking fragrance.

Its only ingredient is a fragrance, and only $39 can be purchased online. 

As for the actual scent, Gucci was using a bamboo variety that’s been cultivated for thousands of years.

It was originally used to make a bamboo tea.

The scent has a lot to it.

It starts off with a soft bamboo note, but also carries on into a more tropical, tropical scent. 

 It’s not just about the scent, though.

It also has the scent to it that Gucci loves.

The fragrant is a sweet and tropical fragrance, but with a bit on the sweeter side. 

If you don’t like it, just go to a perfume store and buy a bamboo bamboo fragrance instead. 

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