French designer Burberry Paris perfume and perfume samples

Paris Hilton perfume has been made available on the official Burberry website, along with a list of the brand’s fragrances. 

The perfume samples are available to purchase, but it seems that the perfume samples will only be available in Paris for now. 

Burberry Paris will also be available at select luxury boutiques in the US, Europe and Australia, according to the perfume company. 

“The fragrance selection will be curated by the perfumer team, inspired by our diverse range of fragrants, each one carefully chosen for its unique scent, and curated with an eye to complement and complement our range of luxurious Parisian products,” a statement on the brand website reads.

“These perfumes, like the brand, are handcrafted in our Paris production plant, using only the finest ingredients, including organic and natural ingredients.” 

The Parisian fragrance brand also announced that it is launching a “limited edition perfume collection” at select retailers, including Louis Vuitton and Prada, for “a limited time.” 

 Burberries perfume, which is made with the help of the perfume brand’s “specialists,” was first released in 2014 and will continue to be available through the end of this year. 

While it is not yet clear if the perfume will be available for purchase outside of Paris, the Parisian luxury boutique Toulouse has reportedly started to sell the scent in France, which means it may be on the way to being available at other stores in the United States, Europe, and Australia as well. 

Earlier this month, Burburberry Paris launched a perfume collection at La Toulouse , an upscale Parisian boutique that has been described as the “French answer to Louis Vuittes.” 

“We are delighted to share our fragrance with all of our fans in Paris, and the Paris fragrance brand will be an even bigger success for us, so we’re excited to bring the brand to our fans globally!” said LaToulous CEO Pierre Dreyfus.

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