‘I’m so excited’: Michael Kors unveils a new fragrance that’s ‘the perfect blend of old-fashioned elegance and modern sophistication’

Michael Kordas newest perfume collection, titled “The Perfect Blend of Old-Style Arrangement” will be released next week, with the collection hitting stores in the coming weeks.

The brand is taking inspiration from the past and making the collection the perfect blend for a modern woman who wants to stay in her comfort zone and stay on top of trends.

Kordas, who founded Korda and now owns his own luxury label, Velvet, told The Wall St Journal that he was inspired by the “authentic beauty of ancient Egypt and Persia.”

“I’m just trying to bring out some of the best of my favorite vintage pieces, as well as the best things from the 20th century,” he said.

The new collection is expected to be priced at $150 and will go on sale in late September. “

It’s kind of an oldie-but-goodie kind of fragrance.”

The new collection is expected to be priced at $150 and will go on sale in late September.

I’m a real sucker for an old scent, Kord as a former fashion designer, says Michael Kors founder Michael Korgas new fragrance, The Perfect Blend Of Old-Styled Arrangements, will be unveiled next week.

It will include seven of Kord’s most popular and iconic fragrances, including “Cindra,” “The Duchess of Sussex” and “Taste of Honey.”

Michael Korgases new fragrance is inspired by his favorite old-style pieces, from Aristotle’s “The Mysteries of Hermes” to Gloria Steinem’s “Daughter of the Revolution.”

The “Perfect Blend of Arrangments” is also the first of Michael Kortas fragraries to be marketed in the U.S. and will also be available in China and Europe.

In a release, Korga stated that “it is an exciting time for fragrance lovers everywhere and I hope you will join us in enjoying this new fragrance.”

He continued:”I can’t wait to share The Perfect Mix of Arras in the United States, with all the beautiful colors, sounds and textures.” 

Michael Kors has been a luxury brand for the past several years.

Its first fragrance, The Duchess Of Sussex, sold out in just a few days. 

In 2016, Korta released his first fragrance, “Bachelorette” which was a hit in the U.S., Europe and the UK.

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