Which is better? Walmart’s Juicy Perfume or Dior’s Petal?

Dior Petal is the only perfume in this post that is actually fragrance-free.

And if you haven’t already read our review, this perfume is absolutely amazing!

If you are a fan of fragrances, this is the perfume for you!

It is very simple to apply, but it does have a bit of a scent that is reminiscent of rose petals.

It smells very natural, almost like rose petal fragrance.

It is not as strong as other fragrants we have tried, but we definitely noticed it was much more pleasant.

We love the fact that this perfume doesn’t have the overpowering smell of other fragriums that we have experienced.

It does a great job of complimenting your scent.

For example, if you are into a very feminine fragrance, this might be a great way to pair with your favorite pink lipstick.

This perfume is also good for men because it does not give a masculine fragrance, but you can still use it as a feminine fragrance for those of you who don’t like masculine perfumes.

This is a good scent for the summer season, especially if you like a warm scent with a hint of floral or sweet notes.

You can also wear this as a perfume when you are outdoors and it adds a bit more texture to your perfume than other fragrics.

Overall, this fragrance is very well made, has a beautiful scent and is super easy to apply.

It can also be used to complement a great perfume.

It was a perfect compliment to my favorite pink lipsticks, and is also great for when you need a more feminine scent.

If you like pink lipglosses, this will definitely complement them!

It was also great as a scent to wear with a cocktail or to add some extra sparkle to your outfit.

If Dior is your first perfume, this would definitely be worth your time.

This one is a keeper!

We would highly recommend it to all of our friends!

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