Chanel unveils ‘The Art of Happiness’ perfume, which celebrates ‘beauty without being defined by it’

A perfume is a product that we wear to express ourselves, our thoughts and feelings.

It has to be beautiful.

The scent that comes to mind when you think of Chanel’s latest release, The Art of Happyness, is the scent of a perfume bottle.

The company’s CEO, Marc D’Onofrio, was talking about how the company had been focusing on its commitment to creating a “beauty of happiness.”

D’Amore was quick to point out that Chanel is not the only luxury brand to take a look at happiness.

He said: “A lot of brands have started to take the lead on this.

We want to be one of the first to make a perfume that’s happy.”

So how does Chanel achieve that?

The answer is that it focuses on the essence of happiness.

Chanel says that its new fragrance reflects a philosophy that “happiness is in the moment and the essence is in what you do with it.”

In other words, it says that what makes us happy is not what we do, but how we do it.

The fragrance’s ingredients are inspired by Chanel founder René Magritte’s famous work, including roses, vanilla and musk.

It was created to be “a perfume that expresses the essence and essence of what makes you happy.”

As for the name?

The Art Of Happiness is a collection of three scents, one each for men, women and children.

The three scented scents come in a range of scents and are currently available in three sizes.

The sizes range from 1.5 ml to 6 ml and range from $17 to $42.

Chanels range of new fragrance products The Art has been in production since December 2016.

It includes three fragrances: The Art Is Here, the Art Is Gone and the Art is Still.

Each scent has a slightly different vibe than the other two, and it’s the combination of the three scent combinations that sets it apart.

In the case of The Art is Gone, the scent has notes of vanilla and rose, but it also contains a subtle, sweet floral note that reminds us of the scent we were used to.

It’s also a great scent for men because it’s a little bit more subtle than the more obvious and popular Rose de Sang.

It can be used to complement the other scents in the range.

The Art, which is a blend of three fragrant scents with a bit of citrus, is described as a “vibrant, warm, warm and sweet scent.”

In contrast to the other three scottings, it has a softer and less floral scent, but also adds a little more of a citrus kick.

The art is here is a lighter scent, and you can smell the rose notes as you sniff it.

There’s also the rose note in the back of your nose, and this is a good way to tell if you’ve got a hint of the rose.

The next scented is The Art Has Gone, which smells more of vanilla than rose.

You get a nice, sweet vanilla note that comes with notes of cinnamon and nutmeg, which are really nice together.

It also has a more floral and floral-leaning scent.

If you’re looking for something that’s slightly different from the other four scents then The Art Andres Gone is the one for you.

You can smell a bit more of the nutmeg and cinnamon notes that you might associate with The Art.

The third fragrance is The Rose, which has notes that remind us of a rose and cinnamon note, and is similar to The Art Have Gone.

Again, you can see that it’s similar to the Art, but with more of an air of sweetness.

This is also a good fragrance for men and women, and I’m sure it will appeal to everyone.

The price for The Art and The Rose ranges from $25 to $50, while The Art Now is $25 and The Art Gone is $50.

Both scents are available in 12 ml and 20 ml sizes, respectively.

What else is in The Art?

As for what the fragrance has to offer, the packaging is very simple and has a subtle feel to it.

It looks like a box of candles.

But it’s not a box, it’s an open bottle.

Each of the scents can be sealed with a small plastic pouch, and the packaging itself has a simple design and color palette.

The packaging is also very functional, with buttons for easy access to the contents and a small pouch for the scent itself.

There is no scent scent, however, that’s not available in the bottle, but that’s because Chanel isn’t looking to market its products as something unique.

It wants to give you a product, which means that it wants to be available to as many people as possible.

What are you waiting for?

Grab a bottle and get ready to smell your way through Chanel! What

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