When ‘Love Spell’ was on, we weren’t expecting to get a new fragrance from Christian Dior

We weren’t even expecting a new perfume from Christian dior.

But in January, when the brand released their first fragrance, we were sold.

In 2016, Christian Diors debut fragrance ‘Love Spells’ received positive reviews, with many praising its combination of sweet and floral notes.

“Love Spells is a warm and comforting scent with an uplifting, modern twist, with a touch of romance and a touch that’s sweet and light,” the company’s website reads.

Dior has yet to release a new product since the 2016 release.

So when we asked our readers to suggest a new Christian Diol perfume, our first suggestion was a new version of ‘LoveSpell’.

“The new LoveSpell is a refreshing, fresh fragrance with a subtle, subtle sweetness,” the brand’s website says.

The scent is named after the film Love Spell, which starred Anna Kendrick and Olivia Wilde.

LoveSpell was released in January and it was described by Dior as a “fresh take on a classic fragrance”.

We asked fans to suggest their favorite Christian Dios perfume.

There were a few.

I was looking for something a little more modern and sexy, and this one is very cute, said Emma.

Just a little something to make you happy, Emma said.

It has the perfect balance of sweetness and spice, Emma added.

She found the scent refreshing and relaxing.

You’ll get a sense of comfort and relaxation from this one, Emily said.

I like the soft and warm scent.

We are loving this one so much, Emma shared.

I think it’s just perfect for when you need a warm scent or a relaxing scent. 

It has an earthy, sweet and slightly sweet smell that’s perfect for fall, Emily added. 

I love this one as it’s a perfect fall scent, Emily explained. 

Just a hint of spice and warm floral note. 

We really like the warm floral and sweet scent.

The soft floral notes and the sweet, subtle note.

And we love the bright, clean scent, Laura shared.

Its a beautiful warm scent, with just a touch bit of spice, she added.

“LoveSpell is definitely a fresh take on classic Christian Dies.

It’s the perfect fragrance for fall.”

Read more: Christian Dior releases new perfume ‘Lovespell’Read moreRead more”LoveSpell” is a unique and exciting new fragrance that combines sweet and a hint, or a touch, of spice with a hint or a splash of citrus,” Dior’s website continues.

‘LoveSpell’ was originally released in 2017, but was not available in stores until 2017.

“This is definitely the fragrance for me, Laura added.”

It has a sweet, light, and uplifting floral note with a slight sweetness that adds a touch more romance and sweetness.”

“This is definitely the fragrance for me, Laura added.

I’m really loving this scent.

I love the sweet floral notes in it, Emily shared.

And Emily loved the fresh fragrance that Dior has put together for us. “

The sweet floral and citrus notes really complement each other.”

And Emily loved the fresh fragrance that Dior has put together for us.

They’re really refreshing, and I really like that the scent is a little bit different than the original,” she said.”

I love that it’s very light, but it’s really nice and warm, too,” Laura added, “It’s just a perfect Fall scent for me.” 

Read moreThe new ‘LoveSprings’ fragrance is a fresh and fresh take at classic Christian dios fragrance, and we really like it, Emma told us.

I don’t know how they’re going to do it again, she said, but we’re excited to get it back.

Read more’Lovespell’: ‘Love spell’ fragrance inspired by the filmLovespell, starring Anna Kendrick, Olivia Wilde, Anna Garner, Olivia Carradine, Olivia Thirlby, Jaden Smith, Jodi Dean and more

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